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Response to attempts to Caricature and marginalize Believing Christians

“There was an attack on Evangelical Christians in the "Letters to the Editor" as being "far-right" in orientation in our Area Newspaper. The Letter to the Editor was entitled "Taking Issue with Far-Right Christianity" The author charged these Christians as being responsible for the great divisions within the population.

An Independent Baptist Pastor wrote and excellent reply which was printed in response on the Letters to the Editor page. I also sent a Letter to the Editor in response as well but as of yet ( a number of weeks later) it has not been printed. Perhaps it was too long :-) ?

At any rate here is what I sent the Newspaper in response to the attack which seeks to caricature and sideline Biblically focused Christians:

"Taking Issue with far-right Christianity 2.01

There really is no such thing as “Far-Right Christianity” ! Also “Evangelical Christians” and “Evangelical Churches” are not the cause of a potential American Republic collapse [or divisions].

Evangelical Christians are actually “Centrists.” They are not “Right -Wing”, “Left-Wing” or “Moderate - Compromiser Wing.”

An "Evangelical" (meaning attempting to live the Good News”) is Centered (Centrist) on the The Bible in all of its parts as God’s Word to human beings. Many, of course, have left that historic Christian centeredness and adopted the relatively new notion that the Bible is only the attempt by people in ages gone by to say something about God. This is the group that truly “left” the Historical Christian Center in order too justify their own views or desires in opposition to the historical Christian Center.

In order to justify views contrary to the Biblical teachings those who left the basics like to caricature Centrist Christians holding to all of Scripture as God’s Word as “Far Right” or “Christian Nationalists” or “Christian Extremist.” In addition the Caricature charges “Evangelicals” as being “haters” - haters of women, haters of LGBTQ+ adherents, etc. At least the folks behind the Caricatures do not accuse “Evangelicals” of being haters of God or haters of unborn Babies.

All “Evangelicals”, I know, are clear that “hating the Sin but loving the Sinner” is the norm and rule. Jesus, first tells the men - “Let him who is without Sin cast the first stone” and then to the woman he says what? Yes - “Go and Sin no more!” is Jesus a Misogynist for saying that to the Woman? The exact same standard is the Centrist Biblical Standard applicable to each and all! The Same thing applies with the Centrist (Evangelical) focus on the 10 Commandments.

So Evangelicals (Centrist) Christians are clearly NOT the ones causing Americas Dilemma. I suggest the culprits may be the ones using the Caricatures.””

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