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The Virus (Devil's tool) hasn't silenced us

Almost all the Churches have had their physical buildings closed for Worship and may have to have them stay closed for a while yet but where there is a will and a sense of Mission we find ways of continuing to share the Word of God (Word of Law and Word of Gospel).

Our first Service to be closed was the Mid Week Lenten Service of March 18, But with many having Face Book accounts I decided to resume recording and uploading Videos to the FB pages of our 3 Congregations not only for the Wednesday in Lent but also for Sundays. I realized that a number of folks do not have Face Book and so determined to build and open a Web Site for our three congregations here in the land between the mountans of Pennsylvania (Sometimes known as the Tuckahoe Valley).

The Church is not a Building and that understanding hit home. It is a small band of People gathered around the Word and the Sacraments according to Dr. Luther. So though we cant gather, for now for Holy Communion, we can gather via the Internet to hear and talk about God's Word in a virtual gathering. I will be posting the Videos of the Biblical reflections here and on the FB pages. But now we will have the possibility of interactive Forums, Chat rooms and other possibilities AND our own ELCM 3 Congregation Web Site will allow us to share the word and discussions beyond our little congregations.

Let me know your thoughts and any suggestions for improvement - members of the three congregations, fellow members of other ELCM Congregations, Friends and Neighbors here in the Land between the Mountains.

So if our old and ancient foe who seeks to work us woe thought he would silence us by using the Evil Virus Tool he has failed to do so. As the great Lutheran Composer said at the end of each of his masterpiece compositions so also we say "Sola Dei Gloria" (SDG - To God alone the Glory!"

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