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Second Week of resuming our Worship Services

This was our Second Sunday for holding our worship services once again. Our last Worship services were held on March 15 before the Churches closed the Services due to the Virus Pandemic. Our tiny but solid Core of folk have been turning out for the reopened Worship times. Good social distancing is followed and during Communion the Pastor wears a mask and gloves while presiding and distributing the Sacrament. As the Services end all wave at one another from a good social distance. We reopened our little churches for worship on June 7, 2020 (Holy Trinity Sunday.) We continue to record and post to the internet an abbreviated Service with the Hymns that are to be used on the coming Sunday together with the Lessons for the day and the Sermon. On the Humorous side: One of my Sons told me that with my Black Robe and Befchen and my Black Mask that I look like "Cobra Commander" at the Altar :-) A Black Ball Cap and black vinyl gloves would really complete the image :-) So far none of our people have been afflicted by the Virus, Thanks be to God. Several of our members have been bitten by deer Ticks, however, and have showed positive for Lymes disease. Fortunately all of these have been detected immediately and the folks have been given the Antibiotic treatment. Social distancing from Deer Ticks is Strongly advised and also spraying your outdoor garments with Peremethium (Sawyers).

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