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Low in the Grave He Lay

"Low in the Grave he Lay, Jesus my Savior" - This day is known as Holy Saturday and it was the 2nd Day Jesus was in the Grave with the Stone rolled across the entry way. But the Third day would arrive very soon, to our relief and Great Joy. Everything that took place during the week we call "Holy Week" fulfilled all of the Scripture and the repeated words of Jesus about going up to Jerusalem and being Killed and buried. So today (Saturday) he is dead and buried. But he stated that on The Third day he would be raised up to life.

Lazarus his dear friend had been dead and buried but Jesus had them roll away the Stone and Called the Dead man to come out of the Grave. He came out Alive.

Now we get ready for the message of Easter Resurrection. It fulfills the Word of God! It fulfills the Word of Jesus to his disciples! I attach a picture of the Garden Tomb which is very close to the place that was called "The Place of the skull". I was there in 1985 and went into this tomb and a group of us sat in the garden at that Tomb and shared the Sacrament of Holy Communion. I had an opportunity to look at the Ancient Quarry area (now adjacent to the Jerusalem Bus Station) and it indeed looks like the face of a Skull. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is close by as well and we were privileged to go there also. That is where most Christians hold to the tradition that the Tomb of Jesus was located. If it was at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre site It would have been very similar to the "Garden Tomb" pictured here. Wherever it was Jesus was sealed in it on Holy Saturday but on Easter Morning the Enormous Stone was rolled away and he was Resurrected in the Body. He who was really dead and buried would, now, be really Alive, Physically! He would carry in his Physical and Resurrected body the marks of his Crucifixion. He was not a disembodied Soul (Ghost) but would be a living Resurrected Lord. This is why the Christian Creed emphasizes that our belief includes a "Resurre

ction of the Body." Because Jesus is Resurrected in a real body we believe that this will most certainly be true for us as Well! ALLELUIA, ALLELUIA, ALLELUIA! A blessed Easter day of Resurrection to you All. On Saturday "Low in the Grave he lay, Jesus our Savior!" but on Easter ....."Up from the Grave He arose!" The Stone was rolled away!

In Christ,

Pastor Roy

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